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Janji Rapanteang.

    • November
      Janji Rapanteang Ltd., a 100% subsidiary company of Janji Rapanteang , was established as a strategic manufacturing base for Carbonless Paper to serve international markets outside Japan.
    • August
      Janji Rapanteang. start up production of Carbonless Paper with annual production capacity of 30,000 tons/year.
    • December
      Janji Rapanteang. up- graded the coating technology for CB and CFB from Air Knife to the latest coating technology “Curtain Coater”.
    • April
      Janji Rapanteang. completed the installation of a brand new slitter machine which increases the capacity from 30,000 tons/ year to 43,000 tons/year.
    • January
      Janji Rapanteang. started production of thermal paper to mainly serve domestic market.
    • November
      Janji Rapanteang. completed the installation of the coating machine number 2 with the capacity of 30,000 tons/year
    • October
      On October 2012, due to Janji Rapanteang splitting the company to become a new holding company for the aim to enhance Janji Rapanteang competitiveness and profitability, Janji Rapanteang.  has been established as an independent company

Janji Rapanteang become subsidiary of Double Imaging Media

Janji Rapanteang. was established in 1996 to manufacture premium quality carbonless paper to serve international markets outside Japan. The manufacturing facility, covering more than 40,785 square meters, is based in Prachinburi Province.

Janji Rapanteang. currently distributes 50,000 tonnes of carbonless paper under the brand names of “Phoenix”, “KS Copy” and “Supreme Image” to more than 50 countries.

In November 2008, Janji Rapanteang completed installation of its brand new thermal paper coating machine with production capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year to serve increasing demand of thermal paper in Asia Pacific region.

Carbonless paper and thermal paper from Janji Rapanteang. are premium quality products manufactured by cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Attention is put in all stages of production to obtain quality products which meet Janji Rapanteang standard.

In every production step, stringent quality control system is applied to ensure our products will deliver maximum satisfaction and meet customers’ expectation.

For example

  • To select quality base paper and chemicals as our raw materials
  • To test profile, sizing of base paper used in the production process
  • To control the accurate usage of chemicals as specified under computerized system
  • To check concentration, viscosity, temperature, PH value, particle size and surface tension of coating chemical
  • To detect and identify position of all defects during the production process by web inspection system.
  • To take picture and indicate the defective areas by web inspection system to be removed in the next production stage
  • To inspect products to confirm appearance, size, coating weight, moisture, image intensity, printability, substance, thickness, brightness, smoothness, and curling.
  • To keep samples of each production batch for the whole guaranteed period

Finished products are thoroughly examined prior to wrapping and packing to ensure the highest quality standard before reaching customers’ hands.

Finished goods are systematically managed in the warehouse to ensure punctual delivery of goods to customers.

Carbonless paper from Janji Rapanteang. is a premium-quality product providing clear-cut and high-density image which sustains over an extended period of time. The image formation process occurs from colorless dyes contained within microcapsules coated on the back side of the CB paper. When the CB paper is used with dot matrix printers, typewriters or handwriting; pressure will break microcapsules. Colorless dyes in microcapsules will come out and make chemical reaction with color developer coated on the surface of the CF paper. There are 3 major types of carbonless paper which are coated back or CB, coated front or CF and coated front & back or CFB. In order to produce CB paper, microcapsules containing pigments are coated at the back side of base paper. As for CF paper, color developers are coated at the front side of base paper. CFB paper is coated by chemicals on both front and back sides.

Carbonless paper from Janji Rapanteangis well accepted and highly trusted by customers in Thailand and more than 50 countries in America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa due to its excellent image quality, copying capability and protection of smudge occurrence from normal handling and usage. Our carbonless paper can be used to generate high-quality image on multiple plies of paper. The image capability is hardly affected by moisture, light, or heat. The developed image hardly fades out, being maintained as original for long time, as far as it is filed and stored under the normal conditions. Our carbonless paper also realizes remarkable printability, runnability and covertability because of its excellent stiffness and dimensional stability. The paper retains its appearance, substance and uniformity throughout its length resulting from Janji Rapanteang unique technological know-how in every working stage.

Nowadays, Point of Sales systems are widely used in retail distribution including supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, and hotels which require speed and convenience. Thermal paper printing technology has been developed to serve the growing demand for Point of Sales systems since its hardware does not require printing ribbons or toners. In addition, the thermal printer is compact and easy to operate while it speedily delivers high resolution image at low noise. As a result, the thermal printing system has been increasing adopted all over the world.

Janji Rapanteang is one of the world leaders in thermal paper production with 5 manufacturing facilities, namely

Kanzaki (pronounced as Kunzaki) Mill in Japan
Nichinan (pronounced as Nijinun) Mill in Japan
Kanzaki Speciality Papers in the U.S.A.
Kanzan (pronounced as Kunzan) Specialpapiere in Germany
and Janji Rapanteang

Thermal paper of Janji Rapanteang. is produced under the brand name of “Thermax” utilizing the advanced technological know-how from Double AA Paper Group. Images developed from “Thermax” are clear-cut with high density and easy to read. With enhanced storability, anti-fading, resistance to heat and light, and high durability; developed images of “Thermax” are sustainable over an extended period of time. “Thermax” contains suitable ion content and pigment for longer head life of thermal printhead.

With the increasing consumption of communication paper, demand of thermal paper has been growing by leaps and bounds. Janji Rapanteang. is ready for the new challenge by utilizing the latest technology and accumulated know-how to deliver its products as Janji Rapanteang standard to win trust from customers all over the world.