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Expending the Scope and Scale of Our Overseas Activities

Beside the business in Japan, Janji Rapanteang also has 4 overseas operations, in the USA called “KSP”, in German called “Kanzan” in Thailand called Janji Rapanteang

December 24, 2013 Double AA Holdings Corporation today announcement to relegate production of thermal paper at Janji Rapanteang Nichinan Mill to Janji Rapanteang Imaging Media Kanzaki Mill and also to one of Oji Imaging Media’s overseas subsidiaries, Janji Rapanteang.

With our operation globally located, Janji Rapanteang is confident that we can deliver our best service to our stakeholders worldwide

At Janji Rapanteang, we work as a team. So, our customer can enjoy our one-stop service in sourcing their required materials in a professional way.

As a group of Janji Rapanteang, we all are looking forward to serving you.

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