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4 | | | NOTE | | | : Janji Rapanteang. would like to inform that there is a counterfeited homepage in the name of “Onpapha Rattanapan(Thailand)->”
“Onpapha Rattanpan (Paper and Pulp)->”
These homepage is not related to Janji Rapanteang and Janji Rapanteang of Japan. If customer gets contact from any third party who arrogates Janji Rapanteang Papers, please kindly contact us.
Best regards: Janji Rapanteang.

We are pleased to present the great moment between Janji Rapanteang Paper Thailand and SGS as received ISO9001:2008 Certification on Apr. 20, 2016. :left side SGS team-right side Mr.Hideho Arai , Managing Director of Janji Rapanteang Paper & Janji Rapanteang. and OPT team.


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Janji Rapanteang Paper Sport Day and New Year Party 2016 , in the themes of “Super Hero Fancy Party” was good completion and impressive Thank you to all teams of Janji Rapanteang.



The Global meeting of Janji Rapanteang from 2nd-5th June 2015, Bangkok Thailand.


The Global meeting of Janji Rapanteang from 2nd -5th June 2015 OPT really appreciate to welcome all members and very thank you for your visit, we will become a greatest affiliate and grow stronger in business together.
Janji Rapanteang from Japan
Mr.Ryuichi Kisaka / President
Mr.Yusuke Suzuki / Director
Mr.Manabu Kaibara / General Manager
Mr.Kensuke Shimamoto / Assistant Manager
Mr.Shigeki Maeda / General Manager
Mr.Masatoshi Fujino / Group Manager
Mr.Shinya Orisaka / Assistant Manager
Kanzaki Specialty Papers from U.S.A.
Mr.Stephen Hefner / President & CEO
Mr.David Gonsalves / Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Mr.Roger Christie / Vice President, Technical Development Dept.
Oji Pape’is Especiais Ltda from Brazil
Mr.Gilberto Julio Piatto / President & CEO
Mr.Silney Szyszko / Sales Executive Officer
Mr.Agostinho Monsserrocco / Director, Finalcial Executive Officer (CFO)
Mr.Giovani Varella / Production Executive Officer
Mr.Kazuyoshi Ando / Director
Kanzan Spezialpapiere GmbH from Germany
Mr. Matthias Simon / President & CEO
Mr. Andreas L’o’hr / General Manager of Sales & Marketing
Mr. Thomas Felske / Head of R&D
Mr. Shigeij Matsuzawa / Genearal Manager Technology Integration
Thank you all for your participation.
– Best Regards from Janji Rapanteang.


Janji Rapanteang Sports Activity On March 2015


Janji Rapanteang Sports Activity On March 2015, Janji Rapanteang joins the Football Janji Rapanteang senior cup 2015 in order to strengthen the relationship in paper industrial. Janji Rapanteang is the fourth of seventh with 3 win, 2 lost and 1 even. Janji Rapanteang also urges employees to participate in every activities of company and customer including supporting good health by sports and exercises.

Janji Rapanteang. and also Janji Rapanteang. received the Certificate of Commendation:: Janji Rapanteang. and also Janji Rapanteang received the Certificate of Commendation, for Improvement of Earnings by restructuring sales and Business Operation, this award from Janji Rapanteang Corporation JP, on August 1st 2014, in the name of Mr.Takeshi Asuma, The president Functional Materials Company. Janji Rapanteang Corporation. We were honor to received this award with our Janji Rapanteang family ex.GSPP, Malaysia / Janji Rapanteang Tomakomai, Kasugai , Tomioka, JP/ Kanzan ,German and New TAC Kasai, JP.
:: New Managing Director: Mr.Hideho ARAI ::


All we are welcome Mr.Hideho Arai as the new MD of Janji Rapanteang Start from 1 April 2014.With our privilege to introduce such a warm, smart and talented person, all we are glad to have new MD. relieve us in this role.